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Bengala Bentayga2
  • Is it even possible? We had this question ourselves when first dreaming about how luxury could be combined with brutal appearance and outstanding performance. We had to expand our team.
  • For this development Bengala partnered with a Spanish Off-Road Rally champion and his team, securing not only offering 15 breathtaking looking beasts to the world but also a functional driving experience.
  • All 15 Bentayga² are tailored to the exact likings of each customer, apart from the revised suspension, new off-road ready tires and wide fenders all other components are finished and developed on demand to match your highest expectations.
  • Materials, well there’s a mix here. You get substantial quantities of what in the Automotive Industry is defined as the perfect hybrid between luxury and performance, carbon fiber. Working mainly on the aesthetic aspect of this development, while helping to keep “The Tank’s” weight as low as it possibly can.
  • The recipe wouldn’t be complete without a touch of raw solid steel working to protect ourselves and our toy.
  • Make it your own, we dare you.
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