Automotive Design

Bengala Automotive Design SL. is a privately owned Company dedicated to the Design & Customization of High-end Luxury Vehicles.

Our vision is based on what we call exclusivity over exclusivity and Bengala is governed by this concept of unlimited ambition. We are adding value to what we consider Masterpieces in an elegant way yet increasing aggressiveness on looks and performance.

The design and creation of unique parts working in constant harmony with the lines and shapes of the vehicles which we work on give place to a result which is much more than just a final product, it’s a statement of uniqueness.

Bengala’s Headquarters and Design Studios are located in Madrid, Spain.

Our Engineering and Manufacturing process is segmented in two different areas, the US and Europe. Partnering with the best of both worlds we work side by side with highly qualified teams of professionals with extensive experience in the market.

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